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Learn the Importance of Sign-Up Bonus Rewards

Online and mobile players nowadays are considering various factors which could affect on choosing their preferred gaming site to register and to participate on. These include the site's overall features like its accessibility and mobility, device compatibility, account security, and banking methods. They also consider the wide array of game selections offered in these sites. These should appeal their playing interests, as well as their bankrolls in the long run. But then, what entices players more to join and register their accounts in a gaming site are its offered bonuses and promotions.

Players today are looking for gaming platforms wherein they can benefit in both their winning payouts and the site's available bonuses. These include in-game incentives which can aid them in their gaming sessions to win more, or exclusive promotions for being loyal customers to the site. Some big bonus casino offers can range from simple free games to instant credit amounts rewarded to their active players. There are a lot of best online casino deals available in the market today, but still, the most sought and most popular bonus reward nowadays is the welcome bonus.

Learn More on Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses, sometimes called sign-up bonuses, are incentives being offered by gaming platforms to attract new players. This bonus is only rewarded once players have successfully registered their accounts in an online gaming site. Some sites also require a minimum amount of initial deposit before welcome bonuses are given, while others have no deposit incentives which don't have any wagering requirement.

Some of the best casino welcome bonus incentives in the industry today are also considered the largest bonus type up-to-date. This is due to the fact that welcome bonuses usually come in packages or in bulk to entice more players to register in these online gaming sites. Here are the different welcome bonuses players can consider when choosing their preferred gaming platform to register on:

Cash Match Bonuses

This is the most common and widely used welcome bonus treat in most online gaming sites today. Cash match bonuses literally matches the percentage of the player's initial deposit, winnings, and catch match rating. The first two factors can be easily determined by just computing the differences of both the deposit made and winnings earned. But the catch match rating or percentage is usually pre-determined and set by these platforms.

Gaming sites normally have different match percentages for such welcome bonuses. Each site has a different catch match rating than the other, which can either win players more or less. It is always best for players to check on the different match bonus terms set by these gaming sites to gauge whether they'll benefit or not from these percentages. This will be essential in determining their possible total amount of credited welcome bonus.

Staggered Cash Match Bonuses

On the other hand, staggered cash match bonuses also work with the site's cash match percentage but with the bonus increasing as the deposit amount increases. For example, if a player made a $100 initial deposit, he or she will get a 100% match bonus. But when the player increase his or her deposit to $150, he or she will be rewarded with a 150% cash match bonus. This bonus type may be of higher risk of losing huge amounts of wagers but may also be rewarding with the huge return at stake.

Make Your Own Bonuses

The Make Your Own Welcome Bonus type is the less poplar variant but is also considered a rewarding one. Players need to deposit a minimum amount to play on its offered games. The site will then reward players with extra credits which they can use to play on the featured games within a given duration. All their winnings using these bonus credits will be credited to their bankroll and will be considered theirs. Any amount they'll receive will be their welcome bonus from this online gaming site. If they will not win any from these bonus credits, some gaming sites often offer consolation prizes and rewards.

There are other types of welcome bonuses being offered in most online gaming sites today. These include free spins, instant play features, some of the best no deposit bonus codes, and other exclusive incentives. Players just need to make the most out of these welcome bonuses to maximize their bankrolls using these exclusive rewards.