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Wild Wild Romance Slot Review at Royal Vegas

Microgaming is one of the most prevalent software providers in the online gaming industry. It has developed some of the most popular titles in the industry. Notably, we are going to review the Wild Wild Romance game and everything it has to offer to players. It can be found on the Royal Vegas website and casino. Before you get started, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to give yourself the best chance to win.

What Makes Microgaming Slots So Appealing?

As we mentioned above, Microgaming is one of the most prevalent software providers in the world of online gaming. It is not just the biggest provider at Royal Vegas Casino, it is a major provider for hundreds of online gaming sites. One of the major reasons that people love the games that they have to offer is that they include progressive jackpots. Microgaming has paid out over eight figures to some lucky winners over the years. While these payouts are unlikely, having the chance to win life changing amounts of money makes playing so much more fun.

A Review of the Wild Wild Romance Slot

This slot from Microgaming takes place on a 5x3 reel, and it gives users 243 ways to win. It is considered a high volatility title with an RTP of 96.86%. RTP stands for Return to Player Percentage, and it refers to the percentage of the time that players can expect to make their money back. While 96.68% might sound high, that is actually considered very high volatility in comparison to other titles. The reason it is so high volatility is that the payouts can be quite large. Users have an opportunity to win up to 12,000x their bet.

How to Bet and Win Prizes

When playing on this slot, you will be given 30 coins to play with. Interestingly, that is true for all players, no matter how much you bet. Players will determine how much they want each coin to be worth. The minimum is $0.01, and the maximum is $0.65, giving players the opportunity to wager between $0.30 and $19.50 per spin. Since there is an opportunity to win up to 12,000x for the biggest jackpot, players that make the biggest possible bet can win up to $234,000 from one spin.

Popular Features

When you start your review of the Wild Wild Romance slot, you will immediately notice that a pair of Colt revolvers are used as the wild symbol. It is easy to spot, and incredibly powerful. A combination with just wilds provides a payout of 50x your stake.

There will be random moments while you are playing that the Wild Showdown feature will trigger. When this happens, up to five reels will be turned into wilds, which means that there is a higher probability that you will get a high end prize.

When special scatters with the bonus logo are on your screen, you will have the opportunity to win additional prizes. To win these prizes, it requires that between three and five of them are on your screen at the same time. However, some prizes are not available immediately as they require players to spend a set amount of time at the slot before they can be claimed.

Finally, the Royal Vegas Casino can be accessed from mobile devices, as can this game.

Wild Wild Romance Design Review

Our review of the Wild Wild Romance slot found that its theme stays true to its name. It has a setting in the wild west, and it provides a love story during these times. The main characters that you will get to know are the sheriff, female deputy, bandit, and saloon girl. It is not a complex theme or design, but it is one that makes things interesting. It provides enough to keep players interested, but it is not so complex that it takes away from the title itself.

Final Thoughts

When you make your account on the Royal Vegas website and casino, you are going to have many games and titles available to you. Each of them might look appealing in their own way. That being said, we recommend that you give this slot a shot. The theme is fun, and it has fantastic rewards for players to win. The only major downside is the volatility, but if you can stomach that, you will get the opportunity to win free spins and tremendous amounts of money.